Sunday, 17 April 2011

Record Store Day @ StarRecords Oshawa, Ontario

                                            Star Records 148 Simcoe Street S. Oshawa,Ont

It was Record Store Day Saturday April 16th 2011 at StarRecords in Oshawa,Ontario. With the weather not being too polite,strong winds and heavy downpours didn't seem to tamper the crowds that flocked in to snag some limited vinyl pressings and other gems that this small independent record shop which has been turning out LP's since 1974 has to offer. Myself a long tyme loyal customer of StarRecords was on hand to help out. Although there was a decent amount of patrons that braved the cold windy wet weather that came in and made purchases,only a small select number will return avidly to continue to buy vinyl Steve Star told me. With the resurgence of vinyl in the past few years,its still not where it should be. Customers are still,in my eyes,controlled by both whats on the radio,internet or downloading. Slightly afraid to buy albums even when there are many beautiful 180g and 200g pressings, some still flock to the $2.00 bin which in my eyes sickens me when there are some beautiful new pressings to be had.

Its no surprise that there's a great deal of teenagers picking up on the wonderful world of vinyl. On many occasions I find parents bringing in their children to buy records,and not because the parents want to,but because the children want records.  It goes with saying that there is something romantic and cool about vinyl,that to me never went away. Myself a analog junky never turned my head from it while friends around bought cd's I bought vinyl.

Its about tyme that the record labels wake up and begin pressing mass amount of vinyl,and keeping such classics alive. Issuing certain albums with original content and art work. There are a number of labels out there doing so,but there are still miner flaws seeping in and around the vinyl pressing industry.

All in all it was a fairly decent turn out for Record Store Day @ StarRecords in Oshawa,I just hope the love for vinyl continues to grow,cd's were never right............and downloading and mp3's are even worse for an industry that has seemed to be lacking a clue as to what the hell is going on anymore,besides telling the younger generation what they think should be going on.

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  1. Do you have the The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream on vinyl?